Earth, Heart, Heaven Meridian Movement

This is my first foray into posting a video on you tube. It is designed for the participants of the Creative Kinesiology Gathering 2016 where I presented this flow movement as an energiser and technique to centre you and to help create energy in your body.

The technique is a blend of Womb Yoga and QiGong and Meridian Sweep from Life Tracking that I have merged and practised every day. This gives me a wonderful boost and deeply centres myself in my womb – if you are a man, or for a medical reason do not have a womb, this can be called your spirit womb, your Dantian, or your hara. For me this is located between the Root chakra and the Sacral chakra and is my deep place of creativity and mystery.

It starts with opening your feet, moves into a snaky hip movement and a tantra technique of an inner smile to the depths of your creativity before starting the movement.

Its 7 minutes long but it is designed for you to do the movement alongside the video. Have fun and do leave any questions/comments below. below it is a 20 minute audio link for you to listen to and follow which explains the movements in depth.


2 thoughts on “Earth, Heart, Heaven Meridian Movement

  1. THANKS! Is there any preferred/recommended number or length of time for the hip movement and the meridian movement or is it until you feel the connections and energy moving?


    1. Hi Linda, no preferred number of times, just allow yourself to breathe in gently and deeply into it… breathing in on the movement up for the hips, and breathing out as you take your hips down, remember I am super flexible.. so the movements can be teeny tiny and very slow. Listen to your body and it will let you know when you are done. There will be an audio to with it soon!
      In terms of the movement itself, it depends on how long you feel to do it for!


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