About ChaNan (AKFRP)

My passion is creating space within our bodies, to enable us to become as embodied as we can, so we may be centred, grounded and boundaried in a robust and resilient way. I am a deeply intuitive person and sometimes this may come through within the session, but we will always refer this back to you and your body.

My path to where I am now has been varied and intriguing, and I have had the privilege of working with incredible healers, teachers of different modalities and Medicine Women and Men, all of whom love Earth with a passion which has enthused and led me to deepen my connection with this gem of a planet.

I live on a little smallholding in rural Wales, where I tend to my garden, creating a wild life haven with a view to eventually becoming a teaching venue and sacred space.

For a bit more about me please have a look at my website http://www.chananbonser.com

I love working both with the magic of the physical body and the awesome worlds of our energy and dreaming bodies and in this way help many people to become more robust and resilient in themselves. I especially work with those who have been affected by adverse conditions that life may have bought them and part of my unique offering is helping to rebuild the energy body, bringing greater integrity, stability and resilience to whomever I am working with.

I am committed to the Kinesiology Federations Code of Conduct . I undergo mentoring and personal sessions and enjoy Continuing Professional Development, this ensures that my work is always growing and I am continually searching for ways of expanding my knowledge to ensure I work to the best of my capability.

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ChaNan Bonser