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Empathic Response

Empathic Response – it Doesn’t Need to Overwhelm By ChaNan Bonser I find some of the articles and videos I read and see on empathy quite frustrating; to me there  is sometimes a feeling of disempowerment, of being told that being an empath or a … Continue reading

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Earth, Heart, Heaven Meridian Movement

This is my first foray into posting a video on you tube. It is designed for the participants of the Creative Kinesiology Gathering 2016 where I presented this flow movement as an energiser and technique to centre you and to … Continue reading

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Wounded Healer, Wounded Teacher: Questions for Self-Reflection

This is a brilliant piece on why in Creative Kinesiology, we emphasise the need for our practitioners and trainers to have sessions. Wonderful writing! The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee All of us bear wounds of some kind – be it … Continue reading

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The magic of Holding ‘Points’

So this is my first blog post, ever! And feeling inspired and excited by the fact that I want to share something! A friend had posted on Facebook, a really interesting article on acupuncture/pressure points, and that led me to … Continue reading

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