Personal Inspirations

19-01-10 048

Dyfi Valley

I rely upon my waking dreams and my dreaming body to inspire me; so  the following things are those that really inspire me and keep me slive and vibrant. It is so important to me to keep in my awareness of where I am going, even if I don’t know where that is, it like having one eye on the horizon even if the horizon changes periodically as I take detours and deviations through my life.

So here are a few things and people that inspire my dreams.

I love the land with a passion, this is evident in many of the images on this website, the land that is dear to me is the Dyfi Valley with its amazing variations of landscape, mountains, hills, the river Dyfi, the fields, the woods, the waterfalls, the beaches the estaury, the sunsets and the moon at night. I am so inspired by our dark skies and the stars I see from my window in the darkness.

There are other places that have inspired my healing, dreaming journey. Originally the awesome Red Centre Heartland of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, in Australia where my journey to discover myself started in my early 20’s, the dreamtime there has consistently sung to me over the years. More recently Italy, Sicily and Scandinavia where we have been privileged to work has enriched myself.



Places such as Volterra that have been inhabited since Etruscan times, you have the Etruscan temple ruins, the Roman Temple ruins and then the modern day culture with all the bits between.

I love simple creature comforts, excellent vibrant food that is ideally from my valley, I enjoy sitting by the fire, feeding it stories of my heart and soul, my hopes, dreams and visions, whilst gazing up at the stars and moon. I give thanks to Michael  for his dedication to this as he creates the fire for us all to sit by.

I am inspired by the teachers of the School of Creative Kinesiology, especially the wisdom of Carrie Jost, I give thanks to the wonderful guides who have accompanied me on this journey with their excellent holding as well as the students who have travelled with me both those who I have learnt with and those that learn with me. Thank you for the reflections as we travel on this path that keep me passionate about this work.

I have loved doing yoga since I came across it in Hong Kong and have been inspired by Iyengar and more recently Scaravelli, it is fundamental to me and my practise in terms of opening and freeing me from what things ought to be, I am so happy to have had a number of excellent yoga teachers. More recently I have trained in Yoga Nidra and Womb Yoga with the Yoga Nidra Network

I also really give thanks to my “other” teachers who have guided me through the years, Carlos Sanchez, Arwyn Dreamwalker, Eliot Cowan, Uma and Nirlipta Dinsmore-Thuli . The learning has never been easy but it has always been worth it!

Reading to me is massively important and these are a few of my favorite authors and teachers that open up my inner worlds to assist in my outer espression

Rosita Arvigo a phenomenal medicine woman based in Belize who has inspired me through my years

Manda Scott – awesome author of Boudica Series, the Rome series

Anne Bishop – a fantastic author who writes in a fantasy world and a darker aspect of Magic, sometimes a bit cliched but a great read

Robin Hobb, is an amazing and lyrical writer, spanning accross different worlds and themes and holds me in entracement.

Nora Franglen is a superb author on the five elements, I feel her teachers at SOFEA completely opened me to the elements in an inspriational way. Her books are brilliantly readable.

Kamila Shamsie, stunning writing, often spanning generations and keeps me awake at night with her fantastic threads that she weaves so subtly.

Susun Weed has inspired me with all of her herbal wondrousness, her books are fantastic for all women in all stages of life

Bruce Lipton for his stunning cell work

Pip Waller for her enthusiasm in opening me to the wondrousness of the human anatomy and making it a living body of knowledge that completely awes me.

Gwilym Morus and his wonderful music just brings me alive with his echoes of the land

Damian from Talisman Trading, completely inspires me with the carvings he sells, I have imported several batches form him, one of skulls and one of fantastic lemurian points

Sensory Solutions who fill me with joy for their relationship with the herbs of this land and their all round witchyness

Lorna Bevan is a brilliant astrologer, I love her daily facebook Hare in the Moon page as well as her weekly/monthly updates which are always spot on

Judith Harts brilliant Mayan astrology blog with its daily link for the day is great, her essences are also fantastic and they come up time and time again.

I love Anne Thomas’s images at Shining Edge they take me on a journey into the elements.

Obviously I am inspired by the land my business is on Eco Retreats, it is a fantastic site and I am proud of what we do up there.



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