Ethos of Creative Kinesiology

In brief:Basic RGB
We are all on our life journey that calls us to support and encourage each other along the way.

We aspire to bring integrity and openness of heart and mind to all that we do
Just as we are on our individual paths, so we also embrace the All and the Everything.

In detail:
Creative Kinesiology is a co-creative partnership between practitioner and client, between the facilitator and the members of a workshop and between the teacher and the students in the training courses
Creative Kinesiology treats clients and group members as whole people, acknowledging that each part is connected to all other parts of their systems
Creative Kinesiology assists in the growth process for clients and for groups and group participants, creating the conditions for fulfillment, purposefulness and finding a path in life
Creative Kinesiology can help the client and the members of groups towards self-empowerment by encouraging a greater awareness of self, group process, the origin and meaning of symptoms and the process of healing
Creative Kinesiology encourages each person’s innate wisdom and healing capacity to work to its fullest extent
Creative Kinesiology always works in the best interests of the people who come forward for sessions, workshops and training through accessing the wisdom of the heart, mind, emotions, body and spirit

“The teaching was excellent. I was gently guided in gaining confidence in the process as a whole, despite my inner concerns over recognising yes from no muscle responses, person-to-person. I was taught how to stay centred and in control and … Continue reading

Alison W, Aberystwyth

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