Bringing Poetry to the Body

One of my recent clients described my work as bringing poetry to the anatomy of her body, I was touched by that description as I am a poet at heart.

I love being moved by the whisper of words and setting pen to paper (or in my case to my computer or tablet) and just writing to see where the words take me. So for a client to feel into the movement of words through her body and where they bring space to her being gave me great joy.

I have written since a young age and loved the creative aspect of not only story but bringing something to life through words, this dropped off for me as a mother, and then a business owner, and then with the busyness of my training and setting myself up in practice.

So, with the space of lockdown and inspired by a dear friend Dorrie Joy who was participating in an Artists Way group, led me to follow it myself and I loved it!

I am sharing a link here to my other website where I publish my writings and poems, if you are interested please have a look there and see what I get up to outside of my clinic time.