Ingrid, Aberystwyth

When I first came to ChaNan I was very ill and needed urgent help on all levels. She was highly recommended to me by a friend and colleague and I am so glad I followed her recommendation. ChaNan’s approach is totally unique, personal and comprehensive. She is warm and kind and very knowledgeable. Her support is unconditional and continues in between the treatments too when needed. I always felt totally safe and cared for, which meant that longstanding, deep seated issues could finally be resolved in a totally wonderful way. I am now stronger than I have ever been, have more clarity about my way forward and have confidence and courage to be true to my Self. Not only have I benefited beyond measure on a personal level; ChaNan’s way of working inspired me so much that I am now enrolling on her Life Tracking Course so I can incorporate all I learned into my work as a teacher and healer too. Working with ChaNan is experiencing true magic. It is not a quick fix, but if you are willing to work on what comes forward, the rewards are amazing.