Having studied science, I’m quite sceptical about spiritual healings as I think most of us can be. However, after trying out a lot of therapies to help me through some acute post traumatic stress and grief I decided to try Creative Kinesiology with ChaNan because I’d simply tried everything else (CBT, Talk therapy, Acupuncture etc). Although I still don’t understand how it works, the effect that the therapy had on me was profound. After 8 sessions my confidence in myself was fully restored, I no longer carried the sense of fear or upset which I had been carrying around with me for almost three years and most importantly it changed my perspective from a negative outlook to a positive one. ChaNan is extremely intuitive as a therapist and has the ability to hold a huge capacity of emotional space, allowing me to talk openly about what I had gone through and really release it from having a hold on my life. I would strongly recommend ChaNan as a therapist, especially for anyone who feels like they’ve exhausted all other options.