I run foundation and professional level trainings  in Creative Kinesiology, as well as Energy Work, Empathic Response, Connecting with Plant Spirits, Crystals, Crystal Skull work. There is a regular monthly Dream circle group that meets on line, for more information have a look here

Neurolymphatic “Train” Life trackers October 2016

“Loved how participatory and ‘hands on’ it all was. Felt like my body was learning along with my mind and that made it nice and easy to retain things. Really appreciated how fluid and flexible ChaNan kept things; it all felt very natural and fresh. Seemed like ChaNan always kept the door open for magic to come in and help us so that was a great thing to experience. Felt as well like ChaNan was tuned into each person in the group and holding us in each of the individual ways that we needed holding and this was very supportive and lovely.” BR – Life Tracking

If you are interested in knowing more about any training, please do get in touch for dates or if there are a group of you that would like to work together that is entirely possible.

Both the crystal courses and the plant spirit work are designed so you can intergrate working with these either with your own healing practise or for your own personal development, and growth.

“ChaNan is a wonderful teacher. She is passionate in her teaching style without being over the top and at the same time given a lot of space for discussion and questions. She is also has great humility and will say if she does not know the answer to a question. Even better she will also go and find out and let us know next time.” AJ

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