Empathic Response


“The ‘Empath Day’ was a truly magical experience whilst also being totally practical. It is so helpful to have been given a practise that will help to turn being empathic into a strength rather than a weakness. Thank you, ChaNan!”       Ingrid, Llanarth

IMG_4150Work for sensitive people and empaths who struggle to know what is theirs, and what’s not. If you relate to the feeling that you are a sponge to energies and emotions around you, or are affected by environments, this is perfect for you.

I help you understand why this happens to you, and to start giving clear and efficient tools to help you reinforce your boundaries, so that you begin to know when this happens.

I understand what it is to be an empath and have learnt with great, world class teachers who have taught me how to look after my energy and boundaries so I clearly know what is mine and what’s not.

To be clear, this offering is not a ‘fix’, it will require you to practise the techniques, and engage with the process to discover more about your empathy.

If you would like me to know more, please do drop me a line