Life Tracking

Foundation Kinesiology Course

To download the course syllabus and information please click on the links below

LifeTracking is an intensive course laid out in a series of workshops that form the foundation level kinesiology course. It can be taken both for your own spiritual growth and healing and if you like as the first step towards becoming a professional Kinesiology practitioner.

This way of working takes you on a journey of personal development, releasing blockages to realise your goals and helps you find direction to follow your life path.
It is a personal navigation system through life, designed to help you take charge of your life, helping you to get ‘on track’ and empower yourself through:

  • discovering your direction
  • enhancing your inner wisdom through tools and techniques that keep you centred
  • increasing your courage and confidence

Life Tracking introduces the basics of energy awareness and ‘tracking’, as well as skills in muscle-testing, the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine and subtle energy tools that encourage health and vitality.  The workshops are an opportunity to find out more about the world of subtle energy and to undertake a personal journey of growth and self-development in a group setting.  This will help you identify and work with issues and obstacles that hold you back, clearing the way so that you can get on your life track and get on with your life.

foot prints in the sand

“I am so chuffed that I did this course. I think I really needed it! It really does feel as though I am more on track with my life now, and as though I am clearer and healthier and more myself. It feels like I understand myself better. It feels as though I have been able to bring the magic we encountered in the course back with me into my ordinary life and that feels very precious. I think I have got in touch with something larger than myself that I had lost contact with and that has made me more confident and given me more self-worth. It’s as though life has got an added layer of meaning to it now.” BR


Life Tracking will enable you to explore and learn the techniques and approaches used regularly by LifeTrackers and Creative Kineisologists in individual sessions.

The 5 Elements
One of the main concepts we use is the five element model of Chinese Medicine, this will be built in as one of our foundation stones right at the beginning and woven throughout the whole course

  • 5 element cycle
  • meridian system, the 14 meridians, their muscles, their timings
  • yin and yang
  • the life cycles of shen and ko

Everything is Connected
We are connected to all of life and each other. Well-being is when every part of ourselves is balanced & connected.

  • the skill and art of muscle testing
  • the energy field and balancing subtle energies
  • nourishing energy
  • the power of breath
  • practical tools for maintaining equilibrium
  • waters of life.

We Can Make a Difference
Exploring how intentions, thoughts and goals can shape our lives:

  • power of intent
  • tapping with intent
  • starting to track in the energy system and the bodies realms
  • the chakras

Witnessing: The Key to Change
When our stories and our Selves are uncovered and witnessed, our bodies and energy systems can let go of any unnecessary patterns:

  • introducing and witnessing our stories
  • perceptual framework
  • process of change
  • tracking using remedies
  • listening skills
  • body language, posture & energy splits & blockages
  • importance of touch

“Life Tracking is a joyful, fascinating process which bypasses the chattering mind’s attempts to make sense of and fix everything. It uncovers and heals body, mind and spirit in ways which surprised me, made me laugh and made me cry. I now have a delightful toolbox of techniques that I can use to help me navigate my life and use to contribute to others. ChaNan is an extraordinary and compassionate witness and teacher.” BG

Self Empowerment
Our focus is on enhancing self-esteem and ways of standing more fully in our own power:

  • Choice
  • empowered muscle testing
  • self esteem and assertiveness
  • working and reframing the past
  • drivers and injunctions

As we deepen the tracking work and build our tool kit, we are ready to launch into the next part of the journey:

  • recognizing & developing gifts and talents
  • tracking being and staying on track
  • tracking into the future
  • switch on/switch off foods
  • weaving growth

“ChaNan felt very authentically herself throughout the course, whether she was being professionally reflective, giving a balance, discussing things or teaching us as well as showing us the joy she feels for the practice or the food we were eating. I appreciated it all and am so glad I took the course. I have no doubt that it has impacted me in so many ways and I would be surprised if I don’t look back upon it in years to come as being very key to my journey ahead. I’ve been inspired, thank you!” AJ

By the time you have completed the whole LifeTracking series, the Foundation syllabus, recognized by the Kinesiology Federation of GB, will have been covered.
Optional assessment is available.

“The teaching was excellent. I was gently guided in gaining confidence in the process as a whole, despite my inner concerns over recognising yes from no muscle responses, person-to-person. I was taught how to stay centred and in control and not to panic at times when things seem unclear or off-track if the client or me switches off.” AN


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