Perceptual Body Tracking

Professional Kinesiology Training and Deep Healing journey

This  20 day professional training course gives you the confidence to work deeply with the body and body symptoms, as well as nutritional, emotional and spiritual difficulties.

A key focus of this training is to develop and rediscover your deeper senses, which  in turn deepens your listening, and witnessing skills as well as building trust in your relationship with the physical body.

By embarking on your own healing journey, you learn how to become the ‘tracker’. This helps you to rest deeply in your instinctive body knowing and emphasises your detective skills supporting another person through their healing process.

This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to deepen their communication with the body and is ideal for energy and body workers who are looking to learn more about the interface between our energy bodies and the physical body.

Perceptual Body Tracking has powerful healing techniques, which have its roots in Applied Kinesiology and blend the ancient traditions of Chinese energy medicine with modern Chiropractics’s knowing of muscles bones and joints. It allows us to explore the realms of healing through this wonderful way of listening to the body and developing a deeper relationship with the self and wisdom held deep within the body.

Within Perceptual Body tracking the emphasis is on self-responsibility, respect for each individual’s journey in life and their own personal and spiritual development. The course itself provides the means for each person to take further steps in their own self-awareness and growth process.

This is encouraged in the group setting during the training course itself and during personal kinesiology sessions, which are a course requirement

Students develop their tracking skills, and learn how to become a professional body detective, using the tool of muscle testing to investigate and access the body’s wisdom and truth. Building on what has been previously learned in the Foundation course, the student is shown a co-creative way of working, as the muscle tracking gives both practitioner and client clues about what is happening in the body, as well as in the conscious and unconscious self. In this way we are able to go deeply into inner wisdom and speak the language of the body to find the answers within.

Witnessing, Listening, Hearing
Deepening listening and witnessing skills are an integral part of this training. As we seek to expand the extra senses and deepen perception, we learn to listen to the rhythm and pace of each person’s body, whilst allowing emotion to flow and be heard. Students will learn how to ‘hold’ a healing space for another person so that the process of change may happen. In this way, participants are encouraged to develop a deeper relationship of trust with their own body, as well as their inner wisdom, instinctual knowing and healing abilities.

Body Relationships
A key aspect of this training is the building, strengthening and making of relationships between different parts of the body. Certain aspects may have become disconnected or separated from the whole, causing imbalance, pain, trauma or difficulty. An invaluable method of forming body relationships is the simple and powerful tool of ‘Two Pointing’ (introduced in LifeTracking). You will experience taking this tool to a much deeper level in order to re-establish connections within the physical body and the energy systems.

Balancing, Bodywork and Healing Methods
Whilst witnessing and listening skills are perceived as prime healers, Perceptual Bodywork also holds some wonderful bodywork and balancing methods that help heal body, mind and soul, derived mainly from Applied Kinesiology. Students will experience the powerful healing tools and techniques that address the body on all levels. The embodying of this material will help participants gain the confidence to embrace and work with the symptoms of aches, pain and discomfort experienced by many people in their daily lives.

The Energy Body
The energy of the physical body is addressed by listening and witnessing the energy within the muscular system, the bones, the joints and the ligaments.
We also work with subtle energy. Here you will enter the world of the energy field and the aura, connect with and deepen relationships with Chinese Five Elements and meridians, as well as making a fascinating exploration into ancestral energy. This will involve the healing and balancing of The Eight Vessels – the Extraordinary Ancestral Meridians.

Realms of the Body
The Perceptual Body Tracking course allows you to take a journey into the many realms of the body, including the physical, nutritional, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Self awareness and personal growth can be enhanced as the story behind a person’s symptoms comes to light, and the body is able to release stress that may have been long held through trauma, accidents, illness, difficulty or periods of stress in our lives. The body can still hold stress long after it has been dealt with on a mental level and such release can bring renewed harmony to the mind, body and emotions.

Course details:
This course has a tutored aspect of 20 days which allows you to gain a professional certificate in kinesiology (including case studies). At this point you are considered a fledgling practitioner under the guidance of a Mentor, and you may begin to start up in private practice. You then have 3 years to achieve full practitioner status involving clinical practice hours, completion of 4 core subjects, continuing personal sessions and mentoring.

Refreshments included, please bring lunch to share with other course participants.

Home study:  involves written up case studies, individual personal sessions (see below), personal journal and preparation of a project. (The estimated amount of time spent on home study is equivalent to that of the tutored training course.)
Personal Sessions:  as a pre-requisite, at least two session of Creative Kinesiology to be received between each module of the training in order to experience a personal process and journey. In addition to this before you gain full practitioner status you will need to have a series of 6 weekly or fortnightly treatments.
Full Practitioner Status:  in order to gain full professional practitioner status the following is required: Inter-personal Skills, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Practice Management,  200 clinical hours & 4 mentoring sessions within each year.  This is all to be completed within 3 years of finishing Perceptual Body Tracking tutored course. You are also expected to continue with personal individual sessions.
Recognition:  the course is recognised as a professional training by the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain.
Entry:   open to anyone who has completed a full foundation course in kinesiology: eg LifeTracking, Touch for Health or equivalent.
Assessment:  continuous by peers, trainer and self. A final practical assessment is made at the end of the course by an outside assessor.
Mentoring:  included as part of the training course. The requirement is to have 4 mentoring sessions per year.
Confidentiality:  an ethical requirement for practitioners, is also part of the training course.

Cost & payments details:

Cost:  £2,700.  Course Manual included.
May be paid in installments. Payment plans accepted.
Discounts are available for those repeating the course

Other costs:
A requirement of this course is to have at least two personal session between course modules. Prices range according to the practitioner chosen, ChaNan offers personal sessions to students at a reduced price of £40.

It is highly recommended that you invest in a massage table whilst you are on this course for your home practice and case studies, if you intend to practice professionally. You can buy a good quality table from approx £80-£100.

I have tried many therapies over the years, but can honestly say I’ve never found anything quite as enlightening, insightful or effective as my sessions with ChaNan. She has a unique ability of reading and interpreting exactly what is wrong with your body, and what it needs to heal and flourish. She is a modern-day … Continue reading Jennifer R, Cenarth

Jennifer R, Cenarth

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