Perceptual Body Tracking

Perceptual Body Tracking
starting Autumn 2018

Professional Kinesiology Training and deep healing journey

Dates for 2018 in planning at the moment, please contact ChaNan for more information.

The Perceptual Body Tracking professional 20 day training and offers the opportunity to undertake a profound healing journey by learning to “track” the physical body and the energy systems. The focus of this training is to develop all of your senses, which deepens your listening, and witnessing skills as well building trust in your relationship with your body. In this place it will help you to rest deep in your instinctual body knowing trusting it at a cellular level.

20150508_160519This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to deepen their communication with the body and is ideal for energy and body workers who are looking to learn more about the interface between our energy bodies and the physical body.

It assists you, as the practitioner, to listen to both your own and another person’s body and energy, through developing and re-discovering the deeper senses.

Perceptual Body tracking has powerful healing techniques, which have its roots in Applied Kinesiology and blend the ancient traditions of Chinese energy medicine with modern Chiropractics’s knowing of muscles bones and joints. It allows us to explore the realms of healing through this wonderful way of listening to the body and developing a deeper relationship with the self and wisdom held deep within the body.

thumb_20150911_132112_1024Within Perceptual Body tracking the emphasis is on self-responsibility, respect for each individual’s journey in life and their own personal and spiritual development. The course itself provides the means for each person to take further steps in their own self-awareness and growth process.

This is encouraged in the group setting during the training course itself and during personal kinesiology sessions, which are a course requirement

 Course topics include:

  • Developing the nine senses of the body
  • Electromagnetic energies
  • Structural & emotional stress release
  • Energy receptors in the body
  • Digestive system valves for stress
  • Breathing techniques
  • The eight Ancestral Meridians
  • Body structure, bones, muscles & tissue
  • Cranial techniques
  • Nutrition & health
  • The importance of the emotions
  • Chinese 5 elements
  • Witnessing skills
  • Sensing into the body & energy systems
  • Exploring the different realms of the body

Course details:
This course has a tutored aspect of 20 days which allows you to gain a professional certificate in kinesiology (including case studies). At this point you are considered a fledgling practitioner under the guidance of a Mentor, and you may begin to start up in private practice. You then have 3 years to achieve full practitioner status involving clinical practice hours, completion of 4 core subjects, continuing personal sessions and mentoring.

20150508_155949Refreshments included, please bring lunch to share with other course participants.

Home study:  involves written up case studies, individual personal sessions (see below), personal journal and preparation of a project. (The estimated amount of time spent on home study is equivalent to that of the tutored training course.)
Personal Sessions:  as a pre-requisite, at least two session of Creative Kinesiology to be received between each module of the training in order to experience a personal process and journey. In addition to this before you gain full practitioner status you will need to have a series of 6 weekly or fortnightly treatments.
Full Practitioner Status:  in order to gain full professional practitioner status the following is required: Inter-personal Skills, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Practice Management,  200 clinical hours & 4 mentoring sessions within each year.  This is all to be completed within 3 years of finishing Perceptual Body Tracking tutored course. You are also expected to continue with personal individual sessions.
Recognition:  the course is recognised as a professional training by the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain.
Entry:   open to anyone who has completed a full foundation course in kinesiology: eg LifeTracking, Touch for Health or equivalent.
Assessment:  continuous by peers, trainer and self. A final practical assessment is made at the end of the course by an outside assessor.
Mentoring:  included as part of the training course. The requirement is to have 4 mentoring sessions per year.
Confidentiality:  an ethical requirement for practitioners, is also part of the training course.

Cost & payments details:thumb_20150510_105915_1024
Cost:  £2,275.  Course Manual included.
May be paid in installments. Payment plans accepted.
Substantial discounts for those repeating the course

Other costs:
A requirement of this course is to have at least two personal session between course modules. Prices range according to the practitioner chosen, ChaNan offers personal sessions to students at a reduced price of £35.

It is highly recommended that you invest in a massage table whilst you are on this course for your home practice and case studies, if you intend to practice professionally. You can buy a good quality table from approx £80-£100.

Having studied science, I’m quite sceptical about spiritual healings as I think most of us can be. However, after trying out a lot of therapies to help me through some acute post traumatic stress and grief I decided to try … Continue reading


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