Plant Spirits

Connecting with Plant Spirits


Plants are some of the most generous open-hearted beings on this Earth and give us humans so much. Beyond their physical form there is a different aspect that they are willing and longing to share; this is their gifting of medicine spirit, how they interact with us as humans. This may take the form of healing, guidance or an invitation for you to form a specific relationship with a certain plant.

What they offer to each of us is uniquely individual, although often there are similar themes that a plant gives us.

This sensory day is designed to open your connection to the Spirits of Plants, using simple opening techniques, it takes the form of how to make a deeper relationship with a specific plant and will include working with the plant in its wild setting, and of “journeying” to meet the plant spirit.

It is for anyone who wants to take their relationship with Plants to another level, whether you are a gardener, therapist, herbalist, plant lover or someone who enjoys exploring other realms of possiblities.

For those that are healers in a specific medium this has 7 hours CPD and there is an option of a closed group going on for a further 2 days to fully learn how to intergrate plant spirits within their chosen field.

Please note this course has no relationship to Eliot Cowan and his work with Plant Spirit Medicine, the only way to work in his very specific style is to train with him.

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