The School of Creative Kinesiology

Established in 1989, the School of Creative Kinesiology was founded by Carrie Jost to provide kinesiology training courses for those wanting to set up in practice as professional Kinesiology practitioners. I have been an integral part of the school since 2015, and together with my fellow teachers are continually trying to evolve our offerings so it remains ‘current’.

The following are the Creative Kinesiology Training Courses that I am qualified to teach

The LifeTracking Series
A foundation kinesiology course as well as an exploration of the world of subtle energy and an opportunity for self development. Gives an introduction to the “tracking” approach, pioneered by Creative Kinesiology.

Way of The Tracker
A professional kinesiology training and a journey of profound spiritual growth and self-discovery which develops the detective work approach of “tracking” to discover the story behind a person’s symptoms and how best to heal.

Perceptual Bodytracking
A professional kinesiology training offering the opportunity to undertake a healing journey through learning simple and effective adjustments to the physical body and the electro-magnetic energy, as well as exploring various other approaches derived from Applied Kinesiology.

Combined Diploma – Way of the Tracker and Perceptual Bodywork
This new kinesiology professional training will take you on a profound spiritual journey through which you will receive a thorough training in kinesiology practice. Run over roughly two years, you will become confident in the skills of a professional kinesiology practitioner, able to work deeply with emotion, energy and bodywork.

I offer training in

Body Orientated Inter-Personal Skills
Practice Management

The School offers the other core subjects, of nutrition and we are currently developing our in house anatomy and physiology.

The Creative Kinesiology School is accepted by the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)  as an independent school.



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