©Saran Bonser

For ChaNan, one of the most important aspects of your session is the concept of bearing witness, this may be unspoken or spoken, it is a witnessing of your physical, emotional, nutritional or energetic body. It is a deep listening and “seeing” of you and is crucial in terms of your journey so you feel heard on all levels of your being.

During the balance she works with what you are presenting, and the “programs” that run beneath your consciousness. This can include looking at your posture both which often reveals more of your history and what you are “carrying”. This can be emotional, nutritional, physical, mental and energetic aspects, and may arise as thought patterns, perceptions, personal history – both epigenetic (ancestral) and spiritual as well as physical issues that are affecting you.

She work’s from a potent place of understanding that by  listening to your body and  its’ responses, having no preconceptions or judgments, the clues are followed to unfold the story behind your symptoms. Each sessions therefore is unique and by doing this we can access the nub of the issue we are working with.

Using her tracking  skills  to discover  the optimal technique, (whether this is from Touch for Health, Life Tracking, Perceptual Bodytracking, Way of the Tracker, or another modality she is trained in) to help bring ease to you.

ChaNan’s training in the energy body means that within her sessions there may be a degree of spiritual coaching to assist you to ensure your energy body is robust for these times which in turn enables you to fimrly anchor the changes within your physical body.

Whilst it is possible to work with one off sessions, it is preferable  work  for a minimum of 3 treatments, this assists your process by knowing that you have 3 sessions in which to explore what you are bringing. Depending on what you are working with it may be necessary for a longer commitment, this will be discussed during the course of your treatments.

This can effect long lasting changes in the body – the journey there is always a deep sometimes exciting, sometimes challenging path of discovery.

“Powerful, yet gentle healing from an intuitive, inspiring and professional practitioner … ChaNan’s work restores physical, mental and energetic balance, always in a safe and nurturing space.” Fiona R, Machynlleth

© Saran Bonser

For Adults:
First session (90 -120 mins) £70
Subsequant sessions (1 hour) £50
One off treatments – allow 2 hours, £80

For Children: First session (@90 minutes) £55, subsequent sessions (45 mins to 1 hour) £40

There are concessions places that are sometimes available, especially if committing to a long term process.
If money is an issue I am open to genuine trade offers.

Cancellation Fees: If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you will need to pay the full fee.

Skype and telephone sessions also available at the same prices

“I have had powerful experiences with kinesiology, it has taken me to places I could not have imagined. I believe I am a stronger more harmonious person since my healings with ChaNan, she is wonderful and her energy is divine.” Bethan J, Machynlleth.

“ChaNan is a very skilled and in-tune kinesiologist who I would heartily recommend. Kinesiology really does help resolve issues, overcome blockages and rebalance the energies of the mind and body, it helps me reconnect to my centre and has helped me navigate through challenging times in my life. Thank you lovely ChaNan!” Katy J, Machynlleth

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