ChaNan is a very skilled and in-tune kinesiologist who I would heartily recommend. Kinesiology really does help resolve issues, overcome blockages and rebalance the energies of the mind and body, it helps me reconnect to my centre and has helped me navigate through challenging times in my life. Thank you lovely ChaNan!

Katy J, Machynlleth

“Powerful, yet gentle healing from an intuitive, inspiring and professional practitioner … ChaNan’s work restores physical, mental and energetic balance, always in a safe and nurturing space.”

Fiona R, Machynlleth

“I have had powerful experiences with kinesiology, it has taken me to places I could not have imagined. I believe I am a stronger more harmonious person since my healings with ChaNan, she is wonderful and her energy is divine.”

Bethan J, Machynlleth

“I am so chuffed that I did this course. I think I really needed it! It really does feel as though I am more on track with my life now, and as though I am clearer and healthier and more myself. It feels like I understand myself better. It feels as though I have been … Continue reading Brigid R, Aberystwyth

Brigid R, Aberystwyth

“Life Tracking is a joyful, fascinating process which bypasses the chattering mind’s attempts to make sense of and fix everything. It uncovers and heals body, mind and spirit in ways which surprised me, made me laugh and made me cry. I now have a delightful toolbox of techniques that I can use to help me … Continue reading Barbara G, Llanidloes

Barbara G, Llanidloes

“ChaNan felt very authentically herself throughout the course, whether she was being professionally reflective, giving a balance, discussing things or teaching us as well as showing us the joy she feels for the practice or the food we were eating. I appreciated it all and am so glad I took the course. I have no … Continue reading Anna J, Llanidloes

Anna J, Llanidloes

“The teaching was excellent. I was gently guided in gaining confidence in the process as a whole, despite my inner concerns over recognising yes from no muscle responses, person-to-person. I was taught how to stay centred and in control and not to panic at times when things seem unclear or off-track if the client or … Continue reading Alison W, Aberystwyth

Alison W, Aberystwyth

“I visited ChaNan suffering from depression. I had tried counselling, medication and alternative medicine but none of them really solved the problem. After 2 visits I felt so much better. Not just regarding the depression but holistically. No depressing thoughts, no black moods, no self doubts, it’s great! I feel content and whole and altogether … Continue reading Mary W, Llanidloes

Mary W, Llanidloes

I feel very fortunate to have that I came across ChaNan and her healing work. One of the most inspiring things about the way ChaNan works for me is that she doesn’t set any limits to where the healing sessions need to go; she is fully prepared to accompany me in whatever direction the sessions … Continue reading Brigid, Aberystwyth

Brigid, Aberystwyth

When I first came to ChaNan I was very ill and needed urgent help on all levels. She was highly recommended to me by a friend and colleague and I am so glad I followed her recommendation. ChaNan’s approach is totally unique, personal and comprehensive. She is warm and kind and very knowledgeable. Her support … Continue reading Ingrid, Aberystwyth

Ingrid, Aberystwyth

‘ChaNan creates a magical, loving and totally safe space from which you travel towards healing. Whether that journey is taken by the spirit, physical body, emotions or mind, she is there to guide you using her unique and amazing range of kinesiology techniques . Each session is a step towards balance and often a genuine … Continue reading Hennie, Machynlleth

Hennie, Machynlleth

– Working with ChaNan has helped me unravel patterns in my thoughts, my emotional reactions and aspects of my physical self that I now understand have limited my health and well-being over decades. ChaNan’s compassion, sensitive witnessing and expert holding have made it possible for me to explore how to take steps towards healing and … Continue reading Linda, Lampeter

Linda, Lampeter

LIFE TRACKING TRAINING – Wow! The only way to describe the breathtaking speed and effectiveness of the journey towards a new understanding of not only how I work and how I heal, but how I can begin to explore supporting friends and family in coming along for the journey too. – ChaNan is a nurturing, … Continue reading Linda, Lampeter

Linda, Lampeter

I think ChaNan’s sessions have helped me to understand and listen to my body on a very intrinsic level through her Kinesiology work. ChaNans way of tuning into the body has helped shift emotional and physical blockages for me at some very steep times in my life, she is both powerful and amazing while incredibly … Continue reading Ruth, Machynlleth

Ruth, Machynlleth

ChaNan’s work meant the end of a period of intractable insomnia or Since my first treatment with ChaNan my energy levels have been raised after every visit.

M. G. Aberystwyth

I would recommend ChaNan to anybody suffering from any longstanding or stubborn health condition. Her work is gentle and  miraculous in its ability to achieve change for the better in seemingly intractable situations. CK has been among the gentlest and most effective of therapies I have ever experienced. There is no judgement involved and its … Continue reading M. G. Aberystwyth

M. G. Aberystwyth

I have tried many therapies over the years, but can honestly say I’ve never found anything quite as enlightening, insightful or effective as my sessions with ChaNan. She has a unique ability of reading and interpreting exactly what is wrong with your body, and what it needs to heal and flourish. She is a modern-day … Continue reading Jennifer R, Cenarth

Jennifer R, Cenarth

ChaNan is a wonderful and compassionate healer and teacher who I approached in the middle of a crisis via a recommendation by a friend. This initiated a healing journey which I had been putting off engaging with fully on every level for a number of years. I have great respect for ChaNan’s way of working; … Continue reading C. A. Aberystwyth

C. A. Aberystwyth

Thank you ChaNan and the Creative Kinesiology process!  I literally have a new lease of life and have regained the energy and enthusiasm, fun and laughter, that can be slowly eroded away when dealing with on-going aches, pains and restless nights.  I am now sleeping well, no longer suffer with painful, swollen joints and have … Continue reading Linda W, Gloucester

Linda W, Gloucester

ChaNan has played an important role in my journey toward health and I value her work very highly. Her knowledge, experience, natural ability and conscious way of working are placed in the client’s service and combine to create the right conditions for healing to occur. As a respectful partner in the process, she skillfully holds … Continue reading I. J. Aberystwyth

I. J. Aberystwyth

I have worked with ChaNan over a couple of years now and am always astounded by how each session brings apparently unrelated threads together to give resolution to whatever has presented itself. So much has shifted for me over this time in how I perceive both myself and my engagement with life. ChaNan is patient, … Continue reading Amanda T, Llanidloes

Amanda T, Llanidloes

I have come to trust ChaNan and Creative Kinesiology deeply and it continues to be and always will be my first port of call in the face of physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual challenges and I would recommend it most highly to anyone finding themselves in need of similar support.

S. W. Caersws

Having studied science, I’m quite sceptical about spiritual healings as I think most of us can be. However, after trying out a lot of therapies to help me through some acute post traumatic stress and grief I decided to try Creative Kinesiology with ChaNan because I’d simply tried everything else (CBT, Talk therapy, Acupuncture etc). … Continue reading Shereen


ChaNan has the most extraordinary levels of skill, experience, intuitive capacity and trust in a process that is run by one’s own body. She is an outstanding healer, an incredible guide and in a class of her own when it comes to this body of work.

Clare Dubois, Founder of Treesisters, California

I have worked with many talented healers and practitioners from all over the world. ChaNan is most extraordinary, incredibly gifted and absolutely in her knowing. Thank you ChaNan, for powerfully guiding us on our individual journeys of healing into our most profound and fulfilling expressions.

Nia Peebles, Los Angeles, California

Working with ChaNan at first felt bafflingly magical and yet proved powerfully effective. As I’ve continued the work an appreciation has grown for the vast skills and experience she brings through her work. It still seems magical, only now I can say it certainly works and sometimes with unexpected, yet very delightful outcomes.

Lisa-Jane, The Heart Palace, Tomar, Portugal

I always feel so safe and held in ChaNans sessions. She has a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the human psyche that can support both mental and physical imbalances. I am always surprised by where the body takes our sessions and have unravelled traumas that I didn’t know where holding me back in … Continue reading Maitara Rose, East Sussex

Maitara Rose, East Sussex

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