The magic of Holding ‘Points’

So this is my first blog post, ever! And feeling inspired and excited by the fact that I want to share something!Photo on 24-09-2015 at 15.27 #2

A friend had posted on Facebook, a really interesting article on acupuncture/pressure points, and that led me to recollect a moment on the teaching course recently where we discussed holding acu points. It was a great discussion around intent of holding points on the body.

What I really want to share is that holding points can be done in any number of ways, for example with a scientific location using acupuncture point charts, anatomy and physiology  maps and locating where you consider the right place is. Another approach is the, I know it is this rough location,  muscle test (if you are a kinesiologist) to get the guidance if necessary, and holding the ‘point’ with ‘intent’.

There are pros and cons to each, there will always be schools of thought dedicated to each way being the right way. However many people are not acupuncturists, whether you are an  interested person or a health professional, we are often holding the point with two fingers, or a thumb, this gives us a lot of leeway and manoeuvring of being in the right spot. It is also easy to get into the cortisol, panic reaction of am I in the right place, but remember we are not using the precision effect of needling where you have to be in exactly the right place. This is where we can also add the added bonus of Intent…

acupressure points croppedIntent is a wonderful thing; Descartes said – “I think therefore I am”, my beloved has just said yes but that was in a philosophical context, which I understand but for me, it can also be taken as  the one thing that cannot be faked, the one thing that means you now you exist. So if I apply this to Intent, it creates an extra boost with the work I am doing.
If I know I am holding the intent that this point I am working with is  Gallbladder 41 (for example), even if I don’t specifically KNOW I am in exactly the right place – it is ideal to be roughly in the location of it.
I am then intending that the point(s) I am holding are going to bring balance to the adrenal system, or are going to boost the liver meridian, or release stuck energy, calm anxiety, help digestion etc then this happens. It is the amazing magic of Intent.

What is required  of the holder of points, is the of listening to the fingers and the body you are working on, whether it is your own or someone else’s, having the space in you to witness the body, however that may appear to you, forming your intent, and trust in the process of holding these point(s).
Then there is the aspect of visualising something as you hold the points… but that is another post!

So when a friend shares an acupressure point holding technique  and you are intrigued, give it a go, you will have the rough location, you know from the post what the point is good for, so hold it on your body, knowing it doesn’t matter if you are not in exactly the right spot, you have the intent of what you are doing.  Breathe and listen to your bodies response. Feel the difference!

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